Andres’ tutoring journey started over seven years ago while he was still in college. He was looking to make some extra spending money, so he found work with a national test prep/tutoring company. This was his introduction to helping students, but, eventually, he left to work at a few different tutoring companies, some very big and some on a smaller local scale. After graduation, Andres left the company he was employed with and went out on his own. Since then he has built a reputation as a patient, knowledgeable, and friendly tutor with students all over central NJ.

Andres is a graduate of Rutgers University. He has degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy, two subjects that he really, really loves. Besides helping students prepare for exams, Andres masquerades as a dance teacher. He loves using math to make concepts in dance more relatable as well as talking about the philosophy of dancing. He especially enjoys salsa dancing, playing with his dogs, playing guitar, and running.



Rob first started helping kids learn math in high school. He would sit down once a week and help his younger siblings with any math that they didn’t understand. His willingness to help others continued into college, where he would tutor friends when they needed help in their math classes. Once he entered graduate school Rob decided that helping kids learn math would be a great way to make some extra money. He was quickly hired at a learning center and was able to help kids both with their math as well as their reading abilities.

Rob is a graduate of Rutgers. He has a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating Rob briefly enjoyed a stint as a professor at Brookdale Community College. Currently, he works as a mechanical engineer, but still tutors as much as he can. He enjoys video games, especially anything that lets him relax and play with friends. He also likes to go kayaking, learn about computers, and reading.

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