Ocean County ACT Tutoring

Have you been debating whether or not to pursue Ocean County ACT Tutoring? Tutoring continues producing incredible results for anyone striving for higher scores. With a high concentration on math and science the ACT is a challenge for hard working students. Are you striving for placement in a prestigious university? Do you have your heart set on attending a college with a specific program? Scoring well on the ACT makes a huge difference to colleges especially when they offer unique programs.There are a lot of good reasons to take the ACT, and sometimes it is required.

Importance of ACT Exam | Ocean County ACT Tutoring

Ocean County ACT Tutoring

Ocean County ACT Tutoring

1. Colleges Want to See ACT Exam Scores

The most obvious reason to take the ACT exam is to get into college. The higher your score, the higher the likelihood that a selective college will let you in. Every college and university in the USA accepts ACT scores, and most don’t even let you apply without submitting a standardized test score like the ACT or SAT.

2. Some Jobs Want to See ACT Exam Scores

After you get out into the real world, you may find that a job you want is asking for your ACT scores. Even if it was years ago, your ACT scores tell employers about your attributes: how hard a worker you are; how intelligent you are; how diligent you are; and so on.

3. You Can Get Scholarships for High ACT Scores

Many colleges and private organizations offer scholarship money for high ACT exam scores. The higher your score, the higher the likelihood that you could end up with most, if not all, of your tuition paid for, something every college-bound high schooler should be eager to have.

4. The ACT Exam Has a Science Section

It may seem strange to point out that including a science section is a good thing, but it is. The SAT sprinkles science questions throughout their exam, but the ACT exam has a specific section dedicated to this discipline. Why would this be desirable? If you’re a science whiz, the ACT allows your skills to shine. It might even raise your score.

Reasons to Invest in Ocean County ACT Tutoring

Ocean County ACT exam prep isn’t just about getting a perfect score, expert tutors monitor students’ progress and gauge what score students can realistically reach based on their previous performance and improvement. This is very important because it can help students and counselors build a better college list, with more accurate expectations for target, reach, and likely colleges.

  • Good scores are necessary in order to be competitive in admissions. Standardized tests are a necessary evil in college admissions. While a perfect SAT & ACT exam score doesn’t guarantee admission, poor scores can send students to the “reject” pile very quickly. In fact, colleges have consistently noted standardized test scores as one of the top three factors in admissions decisions, along with grades and strength of courses. This makes test score improvement a big consideration for parents and students, so Ocean County ACT exam prep can be a key factor.
  • Students learn strategy, not just content. The idea that success on standardized tests depends solely on aptitude is a misconception. While students need a base knowledge of the content, test-taking strategy is just as important in order to be successful. Through Ocean County ACT exam prep with an experienced tutor, students can learn tips and methods to maximize their time and performance. Things like process of elimination, pacing, and identifying question difficulty are just a few essential skills required to better understand the ACT.
  • Even a little bit of prep can improve scores. How critical is test score improvement to a student’s chances of admission? Even the smallest of gains can make a difference. According to a NACAC study, about a third of selective colleges state that a small increase in standardized test scores could make a difference in an admissions decision. An improvement of just 10-20 points could make the difference between landing in the “maybe” pile, rather than the “no” pile, regardless of how high or low a student is scoring.
  • Students will see results if they work for it. One of the most persistent criticisms of Ocean County ACT exam prep is that gains are, on average, minimal. While some critics assert that small score increases don’t merit the time or monetary investment in test prep, the truth is that even a small gain could be a tipping factor and that students can see very significant score increases if they work hard for it. It takes time, effort, and persistence in order to really impact your scores. Ocean County ACT exam prep works best for students who are committed to improving and willing to put in the work. This is also where good tutoring comes in because a great tutor will motivate a student and push him or her to improve.

Looking for the Best Ocean County ACT Tutoring?

At Versatile Action Prep we aim to make standardized tests as stress free as possible. We provide students with outstanding personalized test prep, while also guiding and supporting the parent through the entire process. We know that the college admissions experience is hard enough, and we want to help families make it a little easier. All of our tutors are extensively trained in exam content as well as teaching strategies. They meet 1 on 1 with the student, so as to get a thorough understanding of the their personality and goals. Using this information they identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a personalized plan to help them succeed. Questions? Concerns? Give us a call. We will be happy to help!

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